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Referrals and Test Requests

Last updated 30/09/2022

Next Review Date 30/09/2023



Referrals should be done in the session by the Consulting Clinician and should be fully typed and recorded in the EMIS Consultation. Practices may have self-populating template letters which can be used.


  • Search for the template in the template section of EMIS.

  • If you are unable to find a template please type a full referral letter in the consultation section. 

  • Letters must have Clinician’s (your) name at the bottom of the letter, when saved into the EMIS Consultation and if you are printing.  


ERS and DXS do not work in conjunction with our EMIS system and so the referral will not be sent instantly. 

  • You must notify the patients registered practice that a referral is awaiting processing. 

  • You can do this by sending a task to the 'Extended Access Actions' group. Please state that a referral needs to be processed, where it needs to go (including any patient preference if applicable) and that it is awaiting processing. 

  • In the event of any issues with the task manager, please email the referral letter to the patient’s home practice:  




Little Bushey: 

Red House: 



The Grove: 

and Cc to ensure that the referral is received. 

Urgent (2 week wait)

If the referral is urgent please follow steps above as with Routine referral but also:

  • Mark the task as urgent when sending to the 'Extended Access Actions' Group

  • Send an email in addition to the task - to the patient's registered practice (see above email contacts)

  • Inform the patient that they should contact their practice if they have not heard anything within 48hrs of next practice opening hours 

Test Requests

Please complete an 'offline test request' in the patient's notes detailing what investigations the patient requires

Then send a task to the 'Extended Access Actions' Group detailing that this needs to be processed from thier side

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